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67965 akrobaternas parad  akrobaternas parad   1877 se
97585 Das Ballsouper  Das Ballsouper   Olie på lærred, 71x90 cm. Date 1878(1878) cyf
19485 Still Life with White Pitcher  Still Life with White Pitcher   Oil on canvas Mus??e d'Orsay, Paris.
80491 Still Life with Wild and Garden Flowers  Still Life with Wild and Garden Flowers   oil on panel, in private collection Date 1875-1880 cyf

Monticelli, Adolphe-Joseph
French, 1824-1886 French painter. In 1846, after studying at the Ecole d'Art in Marseille, Monticelli left Provence to study in Paris with Paul Delaroche. Although he had been trained to work in a Neo-classical style by his teachers in Marseille, in Paris he admired the Troubadour pictures of such artists as Pierre R?voil and Fleury Richard and the bold colours and rich surface impasto of Delacroix's oil sketches. He also copied many of the Old Masters in the Louvre. When he returned to Marseille in 1847 Emile Loubon (1809-63), newly appointed director of the Ecole de Dessin in Marseille and a friend of many realist landscape painters in Paris, encouraged him and another local painter, Paul Guigou

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