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19559 A Fair Exchange  A Fair Exchange   1881 Oil on canvas Cincinnati Art Museum.
19560 Approaching Storm  Approaching Storm   1885 Oil on canvas Skirball Museum, Los Angeles.
19558 Buying the Wedding Trousseau  Buying the Wedding Trousseau   1880 Oil on canvas.
19556 Canal Street Market  Canal Street Market   1860 Oil on canvas Cincinnati Historical Society.
19555 Harvest Festival  Harvest Festival   Oil on canvas.
19557 Peasant Girl and Doves  Peasant Girl and Doves   1880 Oil on canvas.
19561 Quilting Bee  Quilting Bee   1917 Oil on canvas.

Mosler, Henry
American Painter, 1841-1920 United States artist, was born in New York, the family removing to Cincinnati when he was about ten years old. Studying drawing by himself, he became a draughtsman for a comic paper, the Omnibus (Cincinnati), in 1855; in 1859-1861 he studied under James Henry Beard, and in 1862-63, during the Civil War, was an art correspondent of Harper's Weekly. In 1863 he went to Desseldorf, where for almost three years he was at the Royal Academy schools; he subsequently went to Paris, where he studied for a short time under Ernest Hebert. His "Le Retour," from the Paris Salon of 1879, was the first American picture ever bought for the Luxembourg. He received a silver medal in Paris 1889, and gold medals at Paris, 1888, and Vienna, 1893.

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