All Natoire, Charles Joseph 's Paintings
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19614 Bacchus and Adriadne  Bacchus and Adriadne   Oil on canvas The Hermitage, St. Petersburg.
19613 Cupid Sharpening his Arrow  Cupid Sharpening his Arrow   1750s Oil on canvas The Hermitage, St. Petersburg.
29067 Cupid Sharpening His Arrow  Cupid Sharpening His Arrow   mk65 1750s Oil on canvas 22x17"
45852 Horseman likeness of Napoleon I  Horseman likeness of Napoleon I   mk178 1810 oils on linen 293.x224cm

Natoire, Charles Joseph
French, 1700-77 French painter, draughtsman and teacher, active also in Italy. An exact contemporary of Fran?ois Boucher, he was a painter of cabinet pictures, decorations and tapestry cartoons and one of the most adept practitioners of Rococo art in 18th-century France. The greater part of his career was spent in Paris, where he received important commissions from Louis XV as well as from private patrons. In 1751 he accepted the post of Director of the Acad?mie de France in Rome.

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