All OUDRY, Jean-Baptiste 's Paintings
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19727 A Dog on a Stand  A Dog on a Stand   1725 Oil on canvas The Hermitage, St. Petersburg.
8417 Allegory of Europe sg  Allegory of Europe sg   1722 Oil on canvas Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation, Houston
8418 Dead Roe ag  Dead Roe ag   1721 Oil on canvas, 193 x 260 cm Wallace Collection, London
32431 Farmhouse  Farmhouse   1750 Oil on canvas, 130 x 212 cm
19726 Still Life with Calf's Leg  Still Life with Calf's Leg   Oil on canvas The Hermitage, St. Petersburg.
32435 Still-life with Pheasant  Still-life with Pheasant   1763 Oil on canvas, 97 x 64 cm
19728 The Farm  The Farm   Oil on canvas Mus??e du Louvre, Paris.

OUDRY, Jean-Baptiste
French Baroque Era Painter, 1686-1755 French painter. He was the principal animal painter and one of the foremost decorative painters during the first half of Louis XV's reign. After initial training as a portrait painter, he concentrated on still-lifes; by the 1720s he had also begun to establish himself as a specialist in hunting scenes, game-pieces and portraits of animals. He ran an active workshop, often keeping his best originals for years and selling copies and (more or less autograph) variants. In the 1730s he was most active as a tapestry designer, making numerous designs for the royal tapestry works of Beauvais and the Gobelins, and he continued to produce his brilliantly painted hunts, still-lifes and studies of animals and birds to the end of his career.

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