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3342 Amemones  Amemones   The Ian Woodner Family Collection, New York
68017 anemoner  anemoner   1908 se
53926 Anemoner and syrener in bla vas  Anemoner and syrener in bla vas   mk234 after 1912 74x60cm
11683 Apollo's Chariot  Apollo's Chariot   1905-1914 Pastel,2' 11 3/4'' x 2' 6 1/4''(91 x 77 cm)
54249 Beatrice  Beatrice   mk235 c.1905 Oil on canvas
11673 Breton Port  Breton Port   10 1/2'' x 1' 2 3/4''(26.5 x 37.5 cm)Bequest of Mrs.Ari Redon,1982
60380 Cactus Man,  Cactus Man,   Cactus Man, 1881.
71186 cebtayr cgarcial  cebtayr cgarcial   mk290 21x18in private collcetion
11682 Celery Root  Celery Root   9 3/4'' x 1' 1''(24.5 x 33.2 cm)Bequest of Mrs.Ari Redon,1982
60414 Coquille  Coquille   Coquille, 1912.
11684 Crucifixion  Crucifixion   ca 1910 10'' x 1' 6 1/2''(25.7 x 47.1 cm)Bequest of Mrs.Ari Redon,1982
79044 Elsass oder Lesender Monch  Elsass oder Lesender Monch   c. 1914 Oil on canvas 68,5 x 54 cm cjr
82006 Elsass oder Lesender Monch  Elsass oder Lesender Monch   c. 1914 Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 68,5 x 54 cm cyf
11679 Eve  Eve   1904 2' x 1' 6''(61 x 46 cm)
11680 Flight into Egypt  Flight into Egypt   1' 5 3/4'' x 1' 3''(45 x 38 cm)Bequest of Mrs.Ari Redon,1982
60412 Flower Clouds,  Flower Clouds,   Flower Clouds, 1903, The Art Institute of Chicago.
3362 Homage to Leonardo da Vinci  Homage to Leonardo da Vinci   1908 Steedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
40095 Jewish Wedding  Jewish Wedding   mk155 undated Oil on canvas 40x32.2cm
60410 Lady of the Flowers  Lady of the Flowers   Lady of the Flowers, c. 1890-95, Honolulu Academy of Arts
84486 Lady of the Flowers  Lady of the Flowers   1890-95 Medium Oil on canvas cyf
80229 Lady of the Flowers.  Lady of the Flowers.   c. 1890-95 Oil on canvas cjr
40791 Lady with Wildflowers  Lady with Wildflowers   mk156 1890-1900 Pastel and charcoal on paper 52x37.5cm
71080 les yeux clos  les yeux clos   mk289 1890 paris musee d orsay
3350 Madame Arthur Fontaine  Madame Arthur Fontaine   1901 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
11677 Madame Odilon Redon in Left Profile  Madame Odilon Redon in Left Profile   ca 1905 Pastel and red chalk, 1' 4 3/4'' x 1' 1 1/2''(55 x 44.5 cm)
11671 Madame Redon  Madame Redon   1882 1' 5 3/4'' x 1' 2 1/2''(45 x 37 cm)Gift of Mrs.J.Goekoop de Jong,1926
3363 Mademoiselle Jeanne Roberte de Domecy  Mademoiselle Jeanne Roberte de Domecy   1905
3339 Mystical Knight  Mystical Knight   1894 Musee des Beaux-Arts, Bordeaux
3345 Ophelia  Ophelia   1900/1905 The Ian Woodner Family Collection, New York
22282 Ophelia (mk19)  Ophelia (mk19)   c 1900-1905 Pastel 50.5 x 67.3 cm Wildenstein Co.Collection,New York
43370 Ophelia Among the Flowers  Ophelia Among the Flowers   mk170 1905-1908 Pastel on paper 64x91cm
3336 Oriental Woman  Oriental Woman   1895-1900 Musee d'Orsay, Paris
11678 Parsifal  Parsifal   ca 1912 Pastel ,2' 2'' x 1' 8 1/2''(66 x 52 cm)
54250 Paul Gauguin  Paul Gauguin   mk235 c.1903-1905 Oil on canvas 66x54.5cm
21119 Paul Gauguin (mk06)  Paul Gauguin (mk06)   ca 1903-1905 2' 2'' x 1' 9 1/2''(66 x 54.5 cm)RF 1950-31
3360 Pegasus  Pegasus   1900 Hiroshima Museum of Art
33221 Pegasus  Pegasus   mk85 c.1900-5
45877 Pegasus  Pegasus   mk178 1914 oils on linen 58x50.8cm
54221 Peyrelebade  Peyrelebade   mk235 c.1896*97 Oil on canvas 36.5x45cm
3340 Phaethon  Phaethon  
56978 Polyphem  Polyphem   mk250 approximately in 1898. Cloth cover oil painting, 63.5 x 50.8 centimeters. Dutch Otero Carlo forces - the mill museum.
3347 Portrait of Ari Redon  Portrait of Ari Redon   1898 The Art Institute of Chicago
11675 Portrait of Ari Redon with Sailor Collar  Portrait of Ari Redon with Sailor Collar   ca 1897 1' 4 1/2'' x 8 3/4''(41.8 x 22.2 cm)Bequest of Mrs.Ari Redon,1982
3349 Portrait of Paul Gauguin  Portrait of Paul Gauguin   1903-05 Musee d'Orsay, Paris
60378 Portrait of Violette Heymann,  Portrait of Violette Heymann,   Portrait of Violette Heymann, 1910. Pastels, 72 x 92 cm. Cleveland Museum of Art.
3337 Profile in an Arch  Profile in an Arch   Musee des Beaux-Arts, Bordeaux
3341 Red Boat with a Blue Sail  Red Boat with a Blue Sail   1906-07
31221 Reflexion  Reflexion   mk72 1893
60383 Saint John,  Saint John,   Saint John, 1892.
3338 Saint Sebastian  Saint Sebastian   1910 Musee des Beaux-Arts, Bordeaux
86376 Saint Sebastian  Saint Sebastian   Date 1910-1912 Medium Oil on canvas cjr
68018 segelbatar i venedig  segelbatar i venedig   1906 se
3356 Self Portrait  55  Self Portrait 55   1880 Musee d'Orsay, Paris
11676 Self-Portrait  Self-Portrait   1867 1' 4 1/2'' x 1' 1''(41.7 x 32 cm)Bequest of Mrs.Ari Redon,1982
60379 Spirit of the Forest,  Spirit of the Forest,   Spirit of the Forest, 1880.
3346 Stained Glass Window  Stained Glass Window   1904 Musee d'Orsay, Paris
3352 Stained Glass Window  Stained Glass Window   1908 Ian Woodner Family Collection, New York
11685 Stained-Glass Window  Stained-Glass Window   1905(Salon d'Automne,1905) Pastel,4' 8 1/2'' x 2'(143.5 x 61.5 cm)Bequest of Mrs.Ari Redon,1980
33986 Still Life  Still Life   mk87 c.1910 Oil on canvas 73x54cm Wuppertal,Von der Heydt-Museum
21514 Still Life (Flowers) (mk09)  Still Life (Flowers) (mk09)   c 1910 oil on canvas,73 x 54 cm Wuppertal,Von der Heydt-Museum
3365 Struggle Between Woman and a Centaur  Struggle Between Woman and a Centaur  
56382 the birth of venus  the birth of venus   mk247 c.1905,oil on canvs,21.25x28.75 in,54x73 cm,private collection
22284 The Birth of Venus (mk19)  The Birth of Venus (mk19)   1912 Oil on canvas,143.4 x 62.2 cm Private collection
3332 The Buddha  The Buddha   1905-10 Musee d'Orsay, Paris
21120 The Buddha (mk06)  The Buddha (mk06)   ca 1906-1907 Pastel,2' 11 1/2'' x 2' 4 3/4''(90 x 73 cm)RF 24555
60413 The Buddha,  The Buddha,   The Buddha, 1904.
3351 The Chariot of Apollo  The Chariot of Apollo   1905-14 Musee d'Orsay, Paris
3357 The Chariot of Apollo  The Chariot of Apollo   1905-14 Ian Woodner Family Collection, New York
60382 The Crying Spider  The Crying Spider   The Crying Spider, 1881.
3334 The Cyclops  The Cyclops   1898/1900 Rijksmuseum Kroller-Muller, Otterlo
56485 the cyclops  the cyclops   mk247 c.1914,oil on canvas,25.25x20.125 in,64x51 cm,museum kroller muller,otterlo,netherlands
60415 The Cyclops  The Cyclops   The Cyclops, 1914, Kroller-Muller Museum, Otterlo, The Netherlands
22251 The Cyclops (mk19)  The Cyclops (mk19)   c 1898-1900 Oil on wood,64 x 51 cm Rijksmuseum Kroller-Muller,Otterlo
3344 The Druidess  The Druidess   1893 The Ian Woodner Family Collection, New York
3364 The Fall of Icarus  The Fall of Icarus   The Rothschild Foundation
3359 The Flame  The Flame   1896
3358 The Golden Cell  The Golden Cell   1892 The British Museum, London
3335 The Mystical Boat  The Mystical Boat   1890/95 Woodner collection, New York
3348 The Predestined Child  The Predestined Child  
3361 The Raven  The Raven   1882 National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
86459 The red poppy  The red poppy   Oil on canvas Dimensions 27 x 19 cm cyf
11674 The Road to Peyrelebade  The Road to Peyrelebade   Paper on board, 1' 6 1/2'' x 1' 5 3/4''(46.8 x 45.4 cm)Beauest of Mrs.Ari Redon,1982
11681 The Shell  The Shell   1912 Pastel,1' 8'' x 1' 10 3/4''(51 x 57.8 cm)
3343 The Valkyrie  The Valkyrie   The Ian Woodner Family Collection, New York
3354 The Winged Man  The Winged Man   Musee des Beaux-Arts, Bordeaux
51743 The Winged Man or the Fallen Angel  The Winged Man or the Fallen Angel   nn09 Oil on cardboard 24x35.5cm
3366 Underwater Vision  Underwater Vision   1910
3355 Vase of Flowers  Vase of Flowers   Ian Woodner Family Collection, New York
3353 Vase with Flowers  Vase with Flowers   Art Institute of Chicago
22283 Veiled Woman (mk19)  Veiled Woman (mk19)   c 1895 x 1899 Pastel,47.5 x 32 cm Rijksmuseum Kroller-Muller,Otterlo
30927 Wildflowers  Wildflowers   mk68 c.1890
3333 Winged Old Man with a Long White Beard  Winged Old Man with a Long White Beard   Musee d'Orsay, Paris
11672 With Closed Eyes  With Closed Eyes   1890 1' 5 1/4'' x 1' 2 1/4''(44 x 36 cm)

Odilon Redon
French Symbolist Painter, 1840-1916 Bertrand-Jean Redon, better known as Odilon Redon (April 20, 1840 ?C July 6, 1916) was a Symbolist painter and printmaker, born in Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France. Odilon was a nickname derived from his mother, Odile. Redon started drawing as a young child, and at the age of 10 he was awarded a drawing prize at school. At age 15, he began formal study in drawing but on the insistence of his father he switched to architecture. His failure to pass the entrance exams at Paris?? Ecole des Beaux-Arts ended any plans for a career as an architect, although he would later study there under Jean-L??on Gerôme. Back home in his native Bordeaux, he took up sculpture, and Rodolphe Bresdin instructed him in etching and lithography. However, his artistic career was interrupted in 1870 when he joined the army to serve in the Franco-Prussian War. At the end of the war, he moved to Paris, working almost exclusively in charcoal and lithography. It would not be until 1878 that his work gained any recognition with Guardian Spirit of the Waters, and he published his first album of lithographs, titled Dans le R??ve, in 1879. Still, Redon remained relatively unknown until the appearance in 1884 of a cult novel by Joris-Karl Huysmans titled, À rebours (Against Nature). The story featured a decadent aristocrat who collected Redon's drawings. In the 1890s, he began to use pastel and oils, which dominated his works for the rest of his life. In 1899, he exhibited with the Nabis at Durand-Ruel's. In 1903 he was awarded the Legion of Honor. His popularity increased when a catalogue of etchings and lithographs was published by Andr?? Mellerio in 1913 and that same year, he was given the largest single representation at the New York Armory Show. In 1923 Mellerio published: Odilon Redon: Peintre Dessinateur et Graveur. An archive of Mellerio's papers is held by the Ryerson & Burnham Libraries at the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2005 the Museum of Modern Art launched an exhibition entitled "Beyond The Visible", a comprehensive overview of Redon's work showcasing more than 100 paintings, drawings, prints and books from The Ian Woodner Family Collection. The exhibition ran from October 30, 2005 to January 23, 2006.

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