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19693 The Walk to Emmaus  The Walk to Emmaus   1560-65 Oil on canvas National Gallery, London.
43027 The Walk to Emmaus  The Walk to Emmaus   mk170 1560-1565 Oil on canvas 71.1x57.1cm

Orsi, Lelio
Italian, approx. 1508-87 .Italian painter and draughtsman. A prominent Emilian artist of the mid-16th century, he was influenced by Correggio as well as by the late Mannerist style of Giulio Romano. His large-scale works seem to have been mainly secular decorations, notably illusionistic fa?ades, of which only fragments are extant. Their energy and expressiveness are apparent, however, in the surviving paintings of smaller dimensions. Orsi's sole documented architectural work is the Collegiata di S Stefano, Novellara

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