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8537 Madonna with Child (detail) fsgf  Madonna with Child (detail) fsgf   1450s Tempera on wood, 60 x 36 cm (full painting) Christian Museum, Esztergom
64214 the death of absalom  the death of absalom   mid-fifteenth century le mans, museum
19834 The Trinity and Four Saints  The Trinity and Four Saints   1455-60 Tempera and Oil on panel National Gallery, London.
19833 The Virgin and Child Surrounded by Saints  The Virgin and Child Surrounded by Saints   Panel Musee du Louvre, Paris.

Italian Early Renaissance Painter, 1422-1457 Italian painter. According to the catasto (land registry declaration) return of his grandfather PESELLO, Francesco di Stefano was five years old in 1427. He was the son of the painter Stefano di Francesco (d 1427), who married Pesello's eldest daughter. By the early 1440s, perhaps after initial training in his grandfather's workshop on the Corso degli Adimari, Florence, Pesellino appears to have joined Fra Filippo Lippi's workshop. He may have been the 'Franciesco di Stefano pittore' who enrolled in the Compagnia di S Luca in 1447. In August 1453 Pesellino went into partnership with Piero di Lorenzo di Pratese (d 1487) and Zanobi di Migliore, and numerous replicas of popular Virgin and Child compositions by Pesellino

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