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22372 A Man and a Woman (mk19)  A Man and a Woman (mk19)   1912-1913 Pen,brush,Brown ink,Indian ink and water-colour on paper,31 x 23.3 cm Russian Museum,Saint Petersburg
1221 A Man and a Woman q  A Man and a Woman q   1912-13 Russian Museum, St.Petersburg
58816 A Peasant Family  A Peasant Family   A Peasant Family (The Holy Family), 1914, oil on canvas, 159x128 cm, Russian Museum.
97161 A Peasant Family  A Peasant Family   1914(1914) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 159 X 128 cm cyf
96967 Abstract Composition with Spheres  Abstract Composition with Spheres   Oil on paper, 72 x 51 cm Date circa 1930(1930) cyf
90893 Animals  Animals   1930(1930) Medium oil on paper Dimensions 67.5 x 91 cm (26.6 x 35.8 in) cyf
76664 Dimensions and material of painting  Dimensions and material of painting   Dimensions and material of painting: Oil on canvas, 171.5 x 156 cm Date 1914-1915 cjr
78558 German War  German War   Oil on canvas, 171.5 x 156 cm cyf
1220 Peasant Family  Peasant Family   1915 Russian Museum, St.Petersburg
22371 Peasant Family (mk19)  Peasant Family (mk19)   1915 Oil on canvas,89 x 72 cm Russian Museum,Saint Petersburg
58818 Portrait of E. N. Glebova  Portrait of E. N. Glebova   Portrait of E. N. Glebova (the artist's sister), 1915, oil on canvas. 117x152.5 cm. Russian Museum.
39501 The Major-s Marrlage Proposal  The Major-s Marrlage Proposal   mk149

Pavel Filonov
1883-1941 Pavel Filonov Locations Russian painter, graphic artist and poet. He came from a working-class background; orphaned in childhood, he moved to St Petersburg, where he earned money through embroidery, house painting, restoring buildings and icons, and other tasks such as retouching photographs and making posters and wrappers for goods (a practical apprenticeship he never forgot). His interest in drawing and painting developed through copying, making portraits and the close study of human and animal anatomy. He entered the Academy of Arts, St Petersburg (1908) with difficulty but he left without graduating; his only important teacher was L. E. Dmitriyev-Kavkazsky (1849-1916), with whom he studied privately. Largely self-taught, he was a man of considerable intellectual powers.

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