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97402 A reading lady  A reading lady   oil on board, 37 x 31 cm Date 1913(1913) cyf
97392 Aan de Amstel  Aan de Amstel   Oil on panel, 18 x 24 cm Date 1908(1908) cyf
97393 An orchard  An orchard   oil on canvas, 80 x 75 cm Date 1921(1921) cyf
97400 Boats along the shore  Boats along the shore   oil on panel, 36 x 24 cm Date 1908(1908) cyf
87475 Emmaus, Christ breaking bread  Emmaus, Christ breaking bread   Oil on canvas. 48 x 79 cm. cjr
92242 Emmaus, Christ breaking bread  Emmaus, Christ breaking bread   Oil on canvas. 48 x 79 cm cyf
97391 Gezicht op de kerk in Woerden  Gezicht op de kerk in Woerden   oil on canvas, 77 x 54.5 cm Date 1909(1909) cyf
97399 Herfstdag te Nijmegen  Herfstdag te Nijmegen   Oil on canvas, 85 x 50 cm Date 1909(1909) cyf
97398 Huizengroep bij Taormina  Huizengroep bij Taormina   Oil on canvas, 66 x 90.5 cm Date 1924(1924) cyf
97397 Koolveld  Koolveld   oil on canvas, 25 x 33 cm Date 1907(1907) cyf
97396 Koude herfstdag  Koude herfstdag   Oil on canvas, 35 x 60.5 cm Date 1909(1909) cyf
97395 Namiddagzon  Namiddagzon   Oil on canvas, 25.5 x 33.5 cm Date 1908(1908) cyf
97394 Olijfgaard Mallorca  Olijfgaard Mallorca   oil on canvas, 62 x 74.5 cm Date 1914(1914) cyf
97403 Portrait of a woman  Portrait of a woman   Oil on canvas, 42 x 33 cm Date 1911(1911) cyf
97401 Schovenladen  Schovenladen   Oil on canvas, 34 x 48 cm Date 1908(1908) cyf
97229 Signed and dated  Signed and dated   Oil on canvas laid down on board. 23.5 x 46 cm cyf
97404 Woman reading by lamp light  Woman reading by lamp light   Oil on canvas, 63 x 36.5 cm Date 1906(1906) cyf

Pier Leone Ghezzi
(Rome, 28 June 1674 - Rome, 6 March 1755) was an Italian Rococo painter and caricaturist active in Rome. Caricature of composer Antonio Vivaldi by Pier Leone GhezziGhezzi was born in Rome. His father, Giuseppe Ghezzi, (1634-1721), also trained Antonio Amorosi, and was a secretary to the Roman Accademia di San Luca. Pier Leone himself joined the Academy in 1705 and he executed a painting, the Allegory of Gratitude, to be donated to the institution, as was customary. He was the godson of Carlo Maratta. Pier Leone is known for his frescoes in the Villa Falconieri of Frascati. His pen and gouache caricatures are much freer in emotion than his state portraiture, and often depict named individuals or professions in satirical fashion.

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