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28582 A Rural Gift  A Rural Gift   mk61 c.1785 Oil on canvas 183x146cm
16 Boy with Guitar  Boy with Guitar   1786 Museo del Prado, Madrid
72135 El majo de la guitarra  El majo de la guitarra   Date 1786(1786) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 184 x 137 cm (72.44 x 53.94 in) cyf
28581 Fans and Bread Twists  Fans and Bread Twists   mk61 1778 Oil on canvas 147x187cm
73669 Obsequio campestre  Obsequio campestre   before 1793(1793) Oil on canvas 183 X 146 cm (72.05 X 57.48 in) cjr
88289 Portrait of Manuel Godoy  Portrait of Manuel Godoy   1790(1790) Medium Oil cyf
33838 The Blind Singer  The Blind Singer   mk86 c.1786 Oil on canvas 93x145cm Madrid,Museo del Prado

Ramon Bayeu
1746-1793 Spanish Ramon Bayeu Gallery The biography of Jose del Castillo (Madrid, 14.10.1737-Madrid, 5.10.1793) shows that the artist, being in his youth one of the most appropriate painters for becoming a leader of the artistic movement of the Illustrious Absolutism, ends up performing secondary work, paintings for tapestry and some religious works of art, which was not the field where he could best display his talent. Jose del Castillo is a perfect example of how an unhappy destiny can influence on the professional life of a painter under the regime of that time. Surely the unhappy destiny, in point of fact, does not explain anything and we will have to find out the real reasons why one of the most promising careers in painting of the eighteenth century in Spain was crushed. Probably it was a combination of two unsuccessful elections, from our point of view, that excluded the figure of Jose del Castillo from the elite group of artists of that time.

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