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56478 buffa;o bill  buffa;o bill   mk248 ett portatt av oversts william f cody, mera kanb som sbowmannen buffalo bill. poratt gjordes efter codys besok pa bonbeurs slott under den europeiskrika turnen av bans buffalo bill s wild erst 1880. efter bonber bonbrurd deurs dod reproducades den som affiscb soom gjorde rklam for sbowens turnr 1905.
41506 Colonel William F.Cody  Colonel William F.Cody   mk162 1889 Oil on canvas 18x15
96414 From the Marmara Sea  From the Marmara Sea   circa 1890(1890) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 21.5 X 40.5 cm cyf
56951 Ma City  Ma City   mk250 In the year 1853-1855. Oil on canvas, about 244.5 x 506.7 cm. New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.
96700 Mounted Indians Carrying Spears  Mounted Indians Carrying Spears   1890(1890) Medium oil on cardboard Dimensions 13.75 X 19 in cyf
56477 plojning i nivernais  plojning i nivernais   mk248 en av bonbeurs mest byllande malningar. den ar baserad pa bennes egna studier ocb ar ocksa insp inspiread av potter, en nederlandsk djurmalare fran 1600 talet. uppbojdbeten bos ualdidiga, arbetande djuren verkar overtraffa effektiviteten bos de man som driver pa dem.
40694 Ploughing in the Nivenais  Ploughing in the Nivenais   mk156 1848-49 Oil on canvas 134x260cm
11052 Plowing in the Nivernais;the dressing of the vines  Plowing in the Nivernais;the dressing of the vines   1849(Salon of 1849) 4' 4 3/4'' x 8' 6 1/4''(134 x 260cm) RF 64
56237 the horse fair  the horse fair   mk247 1853 to 55,oil on canvas,96x200 in,245x507 cm,metropolitan museum of art, new york,ny,usa
45894 The horse market  The horse market   mk178 1853 Olauf linens 244.5x506.7cm
73784 View of a Field  View of a Field   Date between 1850(1850) and 1855(1855) Medium Oil on paper Dimensions 16.8 X 31.3 cm (6.61 X 12.32 in) cyf
93758 Weaning the Calves  Weaning the Calves   1879(1879) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 65.1 x 81.3 cm (25.6 x 32 in) cjr
92707 Wild Boars in the Snow  Wild Boars in the Snow   Date c. 1870(1870) Medium oil on panel Dimensions 21 X 30.5 cm (8.3 X 12 in) TTD

Rosa Bonheur
1822-1899 Realism,French,French painter and sculptor. She received her training from her father, Raymond Bonheur (d 1849), an artist and ardent Saint-Simonian who encouraged her artistic career and independence. Precocious and talented, she began making copies in the Louvre at the age of 14 and first exhibited at the Salon in 1841. Her sympathetic portrayal of animals was influenced by prevailing trends in natural history (e.g. Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire) and her deep affinity for animals, especially horses. Bonheur's art, as part of the Realist current that emerged in the 1840s, was grounded in direct observation of nature and meticulous draughtsmanship. She kept a small menagerie, frequented slaughterhouses and dissected animals to gain anatomical knowledge. Although painting was her primary medium, she also sculpted, or modelled, studies of animals, several of which were exhibited at the Salons, including a bronze Study for a Bull and Sheep .

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