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51276 The Charity  The Charity   1611 Oil on canvas Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte
9092 The Deposition  R  The Deposition R   1613 Oil on canvas Galleria Nazionale, Parma
20371 The Entombment (mk05)  The Entombment (mk05)   Canvas,97 1/2 x 71 1/4''(248 x 181 cm)Painted for a convent near Parma;obtained from the Accademia in Parma,1796
9093 The Two Marys at the Tomb SG  The Two Marys at the Tomb SG   1613 Oil on canvas Galleria Nazionale, Parma

SCHEDONI, Bartolomeo
Italian painter, Emilian school (b. 1578, Modena, d. 1615, Parma) Italian painter and draughtsman. He was the son of Giulio Schedoni, a mask-maker, who served the Este court in Modena and the Farnese in Parma; in 1598 Schedoni and his father are recorded as residing in Parma, both serving the court. In 1595 Ranuccio I, Duke of Parma, sent Bartolomeo to Rome, to train in the studio of Federico Zuccaro. Schedoni fell ill shortly after, however, and returned to Parma. His earliest surviving works show no evidence of Roman influence. The matter of Schedoni's training remains somewhat problematic. Carlo Cesare Malvasia claimed that he was a pupil of Annibale Carracci in Bologna, but there are reasons to doubt this. First, this would have been prior to Annibale's departure for Rome in 1595, a period when Schedoni was still apparently under his father's jurisdiction. Secondly, the early pictures indicate that initially his style was formed primarily by studying the work of Correggio in Parma. To a lesser degree he was influenced by the Parmesan culture of Parmigianino, Girolamo Mazzola Bedoli and Michelangelo Anselmi. As a boy in Parma he was also known to have frequented the studio of the Fleming Giovanni Sons (1547/8-1611).

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