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9102 Mary Magdalene sf  Mary Magdalene sf   Oil on oak, 67 x 76,5 cm Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
9103 Portrait of a Venetian Man af  Portrait of a Venetian Man af   c. 1520 Oil on wood, 45 x 33,5 cm Landesmuseum, Oldenburg
50998 Presentation of Jesus in the Temple  Presentation of Jesus in the Temple   1524-26 Oil on wood 114 x 85 cm
9101 The Baptism of Christ sag  The Baptism of Christ sag   c. 1530 Panel Frans Halsmuseum, Haarlem

SCOREL, Jan van
Dutch Northern Renaissance Painter, 1495-1562 North Netherlandish painter and ecclesiastic. He was one of the first north Netherlandish artists to visit Italy, and his return to Utrecht in 1524 can be regarded as a turning-point in the history of painting in the northern Netherlands. The important role Scorel played in introducing Italian art in the north was recognized even by contemporary writers and was reiterated slightly later by van Mander

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