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41490 Burial Cortege of a Crow Chief  Burial Cortege of a Crow Chief   mk162 c.1902-1910 Oil on canvas 27x39
32016 Crow Camp at Wyola  Crow Camp at Wyola   mk77 Oil on canvas 16 1/4x24in
50992 Spotted elk  Spotted elk   mk217
50993 Story of the War robe  Story of the War robe   mk217
41492 The Broken Bow or father and son  The Broken Bow or father and son   mk162 c.1914 Oil on canvas 44x59
41491 The Warbonnet  The Warbonnet   mk162 undated oil on canvas 24x20

Sharp Joseph Henry
American Painter, 1859-1953 was a painter credited with influencing the creation of the Taos, New Mexico Society of Artists. Sharp may have been the first artist to discover Taos when he visited in 1883. He painted American Indian portraits and cultural life, and Western landscapes. As a youth he permanently damaged his hearing in a near-drowning accident, and gradually become totally deaf. His formal art training included Mckmicken School of Design (Cincinnati) and Antwerp (Belgium) Academy. He traveled and worked in Europe also. Harpers Magazine commissioned his illustrations of Taos Indian life. Some portraits were purchased by the Smithsonian Institution. President Theodore Roosevelt took an interest in him and had a cabin built for him at Little Big Horn to paint Indian life there.

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