All Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones 's Paintings
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278 Autumn  Autumn   1869-70
281 Day  Day   1870 Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University
21549 King Cophetu and the Beggar Maid (mk09)  King Cophetu and the Beggar Maid (mk09)   1884 Oil on canvas,209 x 136 cm London,Tate Gallery
23264 King Cophetua and the Beggar (nn03)  King Cophetua and the Beggar (nn03)   1862 Oil on canvas 76.2 x 63.5 cm 30 25 in Tate Gallery London
53440 Merlin and Nimue  Merlin and Nimue   mk231 1861 Oil on canvas 59.7x114.3cm
280 Night  Night   1870 Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University
53464 Pan and Psyche  Pan and Psyche   mk231 1872-74 Oil on canvas
277 Phyllis and Demophoon  Phyllis and Demophoon   1870
11716 Princess Sabra  Princess Sabra   The King's Daughter 1865-1866 3' 5 1/4'' x 2'(105 x 61 cm)Gift of Edmund Davis,1915
53456 Saint George and the Dragon  Saint George and the Dragon   mk231 Oil on canvas 1868 106.6x130.8cm
279 Spring  Spring   1869-70
22285 The Baleful Head (mk19)  The Baleful Head (mk19)   1885-1887 Gouache on canvas,155 x 130 cm Southampton City Art Gallery,Southampton
24406 The Baleful Head (mk28)  The Baleful Head (mk28)   1886/87 Oil on canvas 155 x 130 cm Stuttgart,Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
53439 The Beguiling of Merlin  The Beguiling of Merlin   mk231 1873-77 Oil on canvas 185.4x111.1cm
53463 The Garden of the Hesperides  The Garden of the Hesperides   mk231 1869-72 Oil on canvas 119.3x97.8cm
28308 The Godhead Fires  The Godhead Fires   1878 Oil on canvas 97.5 x 75 cm (38 3/8 x 29 1/2 in) Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery (mk63)
22287 The Gold Stairs (mk19)  The Gold Stairs (mk19)   c 1880 Oil on canvas,270 x 117 cm Tate Gallery,London
53467 The Golden Stairs  The Golden Stairs   mk231 109x46c\in oil on canvas
53469 The Magic Circle  The Magic Circle   mk231 Oil on canvas
11712 The Wheel of Fortune  The Wheel of Fortune   1883 6' 6 3/4'' x 3' 3 1/4''(200 x 100 cm)

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones
British Pre-Raphaelite Painter, 1833-1898 English painter and decorative artist. He was the leading figure in the second phase of the Pre-Raphaelite movement. His paintings of subjects from medieval legend and Classical mythology and his designs for stained glass, tapestry and many other media played an important part in the Aesthetic Movement and the history of international Symbolism.

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