All Vincenzo Foppa 's Paintings
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98298 Adoration of the Christ Child  Adoration of the Christ Child   second half of 15th century Medium tempera and oil on panel cyf
1235 Madonna and Child with an Angel  k  Madonna and Child with an Angel k   1479-80 Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
82648 Saint Anthony of Padua Vincenzo Foppa  Saint Anthony of Padua Vincenzo Foppa   Oil on panel, 148.9 x 57 cm Washington, National Gallery of Art cjr
42978 The Adoration of the Kings  The Adoration of the Kings   mk170 circa 1490 Oil on poplar 238.3x210.8cm

Vincenzo Foppa
1427-1516 Italian Vincenzo Foppa Locations Italian painter. Giving new life to the art of the Lombard school, he exercised a great influence upon northern Italian art until the advent of Leonardo da Vinci. He settled (c.1456) in Pavia. There and in Milan he executed many important frescoes, most of which have been destroyed. He painted religious subjects exclusively, ranging from powerful renditions of the Crucifixion (Bergamo) to poignant depictions of the Madonna (Milan; Johnson Coll., Philadelphia; Davis Coll., Newport, R.I.; National Gall. of Art, Washington, D.C.). His large altarpiece of the Madonna and Child with Saints (Brera, Milan) is a notable example of his technical skill and variety of characterization.

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