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68561 A Friendly Call.  A Friendly Call.   Description A Friendly Call.JPG English: A Friendly Call
70854 Antiquary Shop  Antiquary Shop   Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 67.3 x 86.2 cm
37336 Back of body  Back of body   mk124 45.7x33cm About 1888
37343 Blue Kimono  Blue Kimono   mk124 144.8x113cm About 1888
37356 Court buffoon  Court buffoon   mk124 101x63.2cm 1875
58381 Courtesy Figge Art Museum  Courtesy Figge Art Museum   Mrs. Chase in Pink by William Merritt Chase. Courtesy Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa
37353 Do you speak with me  Do you speak with me   mk124 88.9x101.6cm About 1897
71534 Girl in a Japanese Costume  Girl in a Japanese Costume   between 1887(1887) and 1893(1893) Oil on canvas 62.5 x 39.8 cm (24.61 x 15.67 in)
11797 Girl in White  Girl in White   4' 6 1/4'' x 3'(137.5 x 92 cm)Gift of Roland Knoedler,1921
37338 Golden noblewoman  Golden noblewoman   mk124 103.2x83.2cm 1896
37351 Hall  Hall   mk124 81.3x104.1cm
58382 Idle Hours  Idle Hours   Idle Hours, 1894. William Merritt Chase.
37340 In the  Studio  In the Studio   mk124 99.1x57.2cm About 1884
37349 In the  Studio  In the Studio   mk124 73.7x59.7cm About 1892
58380 In the Studio  In the Studio   In the Studio, 1882. William Merritt Chase.
37368 Landscape  Landscape   mk124 88.9x101.6cm About 1895
39753 Lilliputian Boat Lake  Lilliputian Boat Lake   mk152 Central Park c.1890
39097 Lydia Field Emmet  Lydia Field Emmet   mk140 1892 Oil on canvsa 182.9x91.8cm
37342 Miss Yiri  Miss Yiri   mk124 152.4x91.4cm
36054 Monterey California  Monterey California   kr01 1914 Oil on panel 15x20inches
37367 Near the beach  Near the beach   mk124 104.4x149.9cm About 1895
50564 Old man  Old man   mk212 Oil on canvas 48x36in
37344 Park in the afternoon  Park in the afternoon   mk124 48.3x39cm About 1890
37339 Ponder  Ponder   mk124 67.3x51.4cm About 1885-1886
37337 Portrait  Portrait   mk124 48.3x38.7cm About 1888
37355 Portrait  Portrait   mk124 182.6x92.1cm About 1892
37341 Portrait of Dora Wheeler  Portrait of Dora Wheeler   mk124 158.8x165.7cm 1883
58383 Portrait of Miss Dora Wheeler  Portrait of Miss Dora Wheeler   Portrait of Miss Dora Wheeler, 1883. William Merritt Chase.
37359 Rhododendron  Rhododendron   mk124 78.7x94cm
37369 Seashore  Seashore   mk124 50.8x86.4cm About 1892
27118 Self-Portrait  Self-Portrait   mk52 1916 Oil on canvas 134.5x159.8cm Richmond Art Museum,Indiana
37335 Self-Portrait  Self-Portrait   mk124 133.4x161.3cm
37361 Still life  Still life   mk124 88.9x101.2cm About 1898
37364 Still life  Still life   mk124 68.6x94cm
37360 Still life and parrot  Still life and parrot   mk124 80.7x116.5cm
37358 Still life and watermelon  Still life and watermelon   mk124 71.1x61cm
74944 Still Life Brass and Glass Date  Still Life Brass and Glass Date   Still Life Brass and Glass Date: 1888 cjr
72033 Still Life Fish  Still Life Fish   Date ca. 1912(1912 Dimensions 81 X 100.2 cm (31.89 X 39.45 in)
70971 Still Life, Fish  Still Life, Fish   ca. 1912(1912) Oil on canvas 81 x 100.2 cm (31.89 x 39.45 in)
50568 Studio  Studio   mk212 c.1882 Oil on canvas 71.4x101.9cm
39087 Studio Interior  Studio Interior   mk140 circa 1882 Oil on canvas 71.2x101.9cm
66160 Studio Interior  Studio Interior   ca. 1882 Oil on canvas 71.2 x 101.9 cm (28.03 x 40.12 in)
71481 Studio Interior  Studio Interior   ca. 1882(1882) Oil on canvas 71.2 x 101.9 cm (28.03 x 40.12 in)
71653 Study of a Girl in Japanese Dress  Study of a Girl in Japanese Dress   ca. 1895(1895) Oil on canvas 71.4 x 64 cm (28.11 x 25.2 in)
37371 Study of curves  Study of curves   mk124 55.9x101.6cm About 1890
37357 Sudden intrusion  Sudden intrusion   mk124 123.2x95.3cm
37365 The boat in the lake  The boat in the lake   mk124 26x40.6cm About 1887
37370 The boat in the park  The boat in the park   mk124 40.6x61cm About 1890
44778 The Cloisters  The Cloisters   mk177 1888 Oil on canvas 14x27in
37345 The girl  The girl   mk124 51.8x41.3cm About 1898
37347 The girl in the pink  The girl in the pink   mk124 19.1x102.2cm About 1888-1889
37354 The lady wear white shawl  The lady wear white shawl   mk124 190.5x132.1 About 1893
39288 The Leader  The Leader   mk146 ca.1875 Oil on canvas
71360 The Moorish Warrior  The Moorish Warrior   between 1875(1875) and 1880(1880) Oil on canvas 150.4 x 239.9 cm (59.21 x 94.45 in)
38796 The Open-Air Breakfast  The Open-Air Breakfast   mk141 1887 Oil on canvas 95x144cm
37363 The still life of fish  The still life of fish   mk124 8.6x100.5cm 1912
37350 The Studio view  The Studio view   mk124
37366 The view of park  The view of park   mk124 34.6x49.9cm
37348 The woman wear the black  The woman wear the black   mk124 188x91.4cm 1888
37346 Trip preparation  Trip preparation   mk124 137.2x86.4cm 1877
37362 Venice fish market  Venice fish market   mk124 124.5x165.1cm 1878
37352 Vote Circle  Vote Circle   mk124 102.6x89.2cm About 1896
25799 Worthington Whitteredge (mk43)  Worthington Whitteredge (mk43)   c.1880

William Merritt Chase
American Impressionist Painter, 1849-1916 American painter and printmaker. He received his early training in Indianapolis from the portrait painter Barton S. Hays (1826-75). In 1869 he went to New York to study at the National Academy of Design where he exhibited in 1871. That year he joined his family in St Louis, where John Mulvaney (1844-1906) encouraged him to study in Munich. With the support of several local patrons, enabling him to live abroad for the next six years, Chase entered the Kenigliche Akademie in Munich in 1872. Among his teachers were Alexander von Wagner (1838-1919), Karl Theodor von Piloty and Wilhelm von Diez (1839-1907). Chase also admired the work of Wilhelm Leibl. The school emphasized bravura brushwork, a technique that became integral to Chase's style, favoured a dark palette and encouraged the study of Old Master painters, particularly Diego Velezquez and Frans Hals. Among Chase's friends in Munich were the American artists Walter Shirlaw, J. Frank Currier and Frederick Dielman (1847-1935)

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