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32048 Deborah Hall  Deborah Hall   mk77 1766 Oil on canvas 71 3/8x46 3/8in
81907 Deborah Hall  Deborah Hall   Date ca. 1766(1766) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 181.3 x 117.8 cm (71.4 x 46.4 in) cjr
39049 Doborah Hall  Doborah Hall   mk140 1766 Oil on canvas
84343 Portrait of Master Stephen Crossfield  Portrait of Master Stephen Crossfield   before 1791(1791) Medium Oil on canvas cyf
32854 Thunderstorm with the Death of Amelia  Thunderstorm with the Death of Amelia   mk81 1784
32828 View of Ironbridge  View of Ironbridge   mk81 1780

William Williams
English-born American Colonial Era Painter, 1727-1791 was an American painter. He was born in Caerphilly, Wales. He began residing in Philadelphia around 1747 and afterwards in New York City before returning to England about 1780, where he died in Bristol

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