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72764 A landscape  A landscape   Oil on carton. 25.8 x 50.1 cm cyf
72276 A portrait of Alvine Kapp  A portrait of Alvine Kapp   A portrait of Alvine Käpp. Oil on canvas. 102.2 x 76.2 cm cjr
73905 Alvine Kappa portree  Alvine Kappa portree   Õli lõuendil. 102,2 x 76,2 cm Date 1919 cyf
72279 Autumn landscape  Autumn landscape   Konrad Mägi "Autumn landscape", 1915-1917, oil on canvas, 93,8 x 111,8 cjr
71400 Capri street  Capri street   Konrad Mägi "Capri street", 1922-1923, oil on canvas, 50,2 x 45,8
72517 Capri street  Capri street   oil on canvas, 50,2 x 45,8 cyf
72282 Field of tulips  Field of tulips   Konrad Mägi "Field of tulips", ca 1910, oil on canvas. 43,5 x 61,5.
69397 Itaalia maastik  Itaalia maastik   67,8 x 56
72275 Lake Puhajarv  Lake Puhajarv   Konrad Mägi "Lake Pehajärv" 1918-1920 oil, canvas cjr
73904 Lake Puhajarv  Lake Puhajarv   Eesti: Konrad Mägi "PXhajärv" 1918-1920 õli, lõuend Date 1920 cyf
72278 Landscape  Landscape   Konrad Mägi "Landscape", 1920-1921, oil on cardboard, 46,8 x 60 cjr
72286 Landscape of Italy.  Landscape of Italy.   Landscape of Italy. Rome. Oil on canvas. .1922-1923 cjr
72280 Landscape of Norway  Landscape of Norway   Konrad Mägi "Landscape of Norway", 1908-1910, oil on paper, 48 x 51 cjr
71232 Landscape of Obersdorf  Landscape of Obersdorf   Konrad Mägi "Landscape of Obersdorf", 1922-1923, oil on canvas, 45,5 x 48 Eesti: Konrad Mägi "Obersdorfi maastik", 1922-1923, õli lõuendil, 45,5 x 48
72281 Landscape of Obersdorf.  Landscape of Obersdorf.   Landscape of Obersdorf. Oil on canvas. 41.2 x 26.2 cm cjr
72363 Landscape of Viljandi  Landscape of Viljandi   "Landscape of Viljandi". Oil on cardboard. 36.5 x 44.5 cm. cjr
73982 Landscape of Viljandi  Landscape of Viljandi   Oil on cardboard. 36.5 x 44.5 cm. Eesti: "Viljandi maastik". Õli, papptahvel. 36,5x44,5 cm. 1915-16.a. Date 1915-1916 cyf
56486 landscape with red cloud  landscape with red cloud   mk247 1913 to 14 ,oil on canvas,27.75x30.75 in,70.4x78 cm,art museum of estonia,tallinn,estonia
72908 Landscape with red cloud  Landscape with red cloud   Konrad Mägi "Landscape with red cloud" - oil cjr
74721 Landscape with red cloud  Landscape with red cloud   English: Konrad Mägi "Landscape with red cloud" - oil Eesti: Konrad Mägi "Maastik punase pilvega" - õli cyf
72277 Landscape with rocks  Landscape with rocks   Konrad Mägi "Landscape with rocks" 1913-1914 oil cjr
69401 Maastik  Maastik   oli papil, 46,8 x 60
73907 Maastik  Maastik   1920-1921, õli papil, 46,8 x 60 cyf
69347 Maastik kividega  Maastik kividega   Source my album
73906 Maastik kividega  Maastik kividega   Date 1914(1914) Source my album cyf
69375 Meditatsioon  Meditatsioon   Source my album
73911 Naise portree  Naise portree   1918-1920, õli lõuendil, 68 x 55 cyf
67865 Naise portree KONRAD MGI  Naise portree KONRAD MGI   Konrad Magi
69398 Norra maastik  Norra maastik   oi paberil, 48 x 51
73908 Norra maastik  Norra maastik   1908-1910, õli paberil, 48 x 51 cyf
90543 Norwegian Landscape  Norwegian Landscape   1908-1910 Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 48.3 x 59 cm (19 x 23.2 in) cyf
69399 Obersdorfi maastik  Obersdorfi maastik   oi louendil, 45,5 x 48
73909 Obersdorfi maastik  Obersdorfi maastik   Õli lõuendil. 41,2 x 26,2 cm cyf
72283 Portrait of a woman  Portrait of a woman   Konrad Mägi "Portrait of a woman", 1918-1920, oil on canvas, 68 x 55 cjr
69400 Puhajarv  Puhajarv   oi, louend
73318 Rannamaastik  Rannamaastik   Rannamaastik cjr
72906 Road from Viljandi to Tartu  Road from Viljandi to Tartu   Konrad Mägi "Road from Viljandi to Tartu" - oil cjr
74720 Road from Viljandi to Tartu  Road from Viljandi to Tartu   English: Konrad Mägi "Road from Viljandi to Tartu" - oil Eesti: Konrad Mägi "Teel Viljandist Tartusse" - õli Date cyf
73913 Rooma  Rooma   1922-1923 Õli, lõuend 84,7 x 90,5 Date 1922-1923 cyf
74718 Saaremaa  Saaremaa   Description Saaremaa.konradmagi.jpg English: Saaremaa. Oil. 38 x 48.1 cm Eesti: Saaremaa. Õli, papp. 38 x 48,1 cm cyf
72903 Saaremaa.  Saaremaa.   Saaremaa. Oil. 38 x 48.1 cm cjr
72904 Shore of Saaremaa  Shore of Saaremaa   Shore of Saaremaa. Oil on cardboard. 40 x 50.8 cm cjr
74719 Shore of Saaremaa  Shore of Saaremaa   English: Shore of Saaremaa. Oil on cardboard. 40 x 50.8 cm Eesti: Saaremaa kallas. Õli papil. 40 x 50,8 cm cyf
69377 Teel Viljandist Tartusse  Teel Viljandist Tartusse   Source my album
73910 Tulpide valjak  Tulpide valjak   ca 1910 Õli, lõuend. 43,5 x 61,5. cyf
71790 Varemed Capril  Varemed Capril   Konrad Magi Varemed Capril
68937 Veneetsia  Veneetsia   canvas. 70.5 x 57.3 cm
72909 Venice  Venice   "Venice". Oil on canvas. 70.5 x 57.3 cm cjr
74723 Venice  Venice   Venice". Oil on canvas. 70.5 x 57.3 cm Eesti: "Veneetsia" Õli lõuendil. 70,5 x 57,3 cm cyf
69378 Vilsandi motiiv  Vilsandi motiiv   Source my album
71767 Vilsandi motiiv  Vilsandi motiiv   Konrad Magi "Vilsandi motiiv"

konrad magi
konrad magi(1878 to 1925),was an Estonian landscape painter. He was one of the most colour-sensitive Estonian painters of the first decades of the 20th century, and Magi works on motives of the island of Saaremaa are the first modern Estonian nature paintings. Magi received his elementary art education from the drawing courses of the German Artisans Society of Tartu (1899?C1902.) At the same time, he was keenly engaged in theater, violin, and various sports. Magi continued his art education as an unattached student in Saint Petersburg (1903?C1905.) In the autumn of 1907, he went to Paris. There Magi studied at a free academy. From 1908 to 1910, he lived in Norway. In 1912, Magi returned to Tartu, where he worked as an art teacher. In Åland, he created delicate plant vignettes in the style of Art Nouveau: Kahekesi (Two together; 1908; China ink drawing). In Paris, Magi was influenced by Impressionism and Fauvism, which had a significant impact on his colours: Lilleline vali majakesega (A flower field with a little house; 1908?C1909), Norra maastik manniga (A Norwegian landscape with a pine; 1910). From 1918, the influence of Expressionism is manifest, fostered by Mägi extreme sensitivity and emotional response to the anxious times: Puhajarv (Lake Puha); 1918?C1920), Otepaa maastik (Landscape of Otepaa; 1918?C1920). Also influenced by Expressionism are his big figure compositions Piet?? (1919), Kolgata (Golgatha; 1921). Konrad Magi - Rannamaastik (Beach landscape)Magi new artistic period, begun on a trip to Italy, brought calmer tempers: Varemed Capril (Ruins in Capri; 1922?C1923). Along with nature pictures, he painted flowers and portraits. Magi mostly beautiful female models express the Art Nouveau ideal of beauty: Holsti (1916). In his later portraits from the 1920s, a more serious temper is expressed: Madonna (1923?C1924).

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